Innovative Process Solutions for the Biodiesel Industry  


BioDiesel Reactor (BDR) Technologies is a clean energy technology company that provides innovative capital efficient process solutions to the global biodiesel industry.

Our patented biodiesel membrane reactor offers a radical change in process operations and biodiesel product quality utilizing virgin oils, high FFA (free fatty acid) oils and next generation feedstocks.

BDR’s propriety membrane reactor system produces high quality biodiesel that surpasses the New ASTM Biodiesel No.1-B grade and the stringent quality specifications of major blenders while at the same time providing significant capital, operating and input cost savings to our customers.

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New ASTM No. 1-B Biodiesel Grade Passes

New No. 1-B grade for biodiesel (B100) passed the ASTM D2 Committee on Petroleum Products and Lubricants …

Maximum Monoglyceride (MG) levels set at 0.4% and CSFT less than 200 seconds…

Our Technology

BDR’s membrane reactor utilizes microporous ceramic membrane technology (simultaneous reaction and membrane-based separation process). Process ensures low monoglyceride/sterol glucoside levels and CFSBT test compliance with major feedstocks - without need for distillation.    

BDR News

September 19, 2013

BDR CEO to speak at 2013 EcoChem Conference November 19th in Basel, Switzerland…

September 6, 2013

BDR Technologies featured in Biofuels International Magazine’s September/October 2013 Issue…

February 5, 2013

US Patent issued for BDR’s ceramic membrane reactor technology…