Innovative Process Solutions for the Biodiesel Industry  


Our Team

The Company is lead by a strong team with considerable experience relevant to BDR’s commercialization strategy.

Front (Left to Right):

Ken Lawless, Brian Radburn

Back (Left to Right):

Greg Rogers, Tom Janidlo, Marc Dubé  and  André Tremblay

Senior Management

Ken Lawless, Chief Executive Officer:  

Ken is a biochemist by training and brings over 24 years of senior management and entrepreneurial experience to the Company.  For over 13 years he served as President of the Ottawa Life Sciences Council (OLSC), where he supported the development of the sector and the 150 life science companies in the Ottawa area. Before joining the OLSC he was a founder and General Manager of AminoTech a Ottawa-based Biotechnology Company. He has considerable experience in technology commercialization and has sat on numerous boards and national initiatives in support of the biotechnology industry in Canada.  Ken is responsible for setting BDR’s corporate strategy and direction and the execution of the Company’s plan.


Brian Radburn, Chief Financial Officer:

Brian, a chartered accountant and former Partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), brings with him 29 years of business expertise helping corporations, at all stages of development, build value, manage growth and capture opportunities. He helped his clients, find financing, develop global operation, build appropriate financial and governance systems and develop global taxation strategies.   Brian is responsible for building BDR’s finance, taxation, financial reporting, human resources structure and managing operations.   He will also play a role in shaping the Company’s strategic business direction.


Greg Rogers, Vice President, and Business Development:  

Greg has over 35 years experience in the refining, distribution and supply  business acquired from various operational and staff positions at Shell Canada including Manager of Biofuels Development. He has also led the trials for the multi-stakeholder Alberta Renewable Diesel Demonstration project. Greg is responsible for strategic business development and execution of the Company’s marketing and sales plans.


Tom Janidlo, Vice President, Engineering & and Operations:

Tom has over 17 years of experience, in engineering, project management, pilot plant operations and quality management, including six years with Iogen Corporation where he managed their cellulosic ethanol pilot plant. He is responsible for all manufacturing and engineering operations including overseeing design, construction and engineering of pilot plant.



The combined vision, scientific leadership and expertise in membrane technologies and reaction engineering of André and Marc led to the development of BDR’s reactor membrane.  They will continue to innovate and expand the Company’s biodiesel technologies.  

André Tremblay, Founder:  

André is a member of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Ottawa and has over 25 years experience in process design and membrane materials synthesis, he is an expert in membrane technology. During his nine years at the NRC’s Institute for Environmental Chemistry, and more than 19 years at the University of Ottawa, much of his work involved the development of synthetic membranes and their application in Environmental Engineering.  André leads the design development team for the pilot plant; provides support for process improvements and, helps in troubleshooting of process scale-up issues.

Marc Dubé Founder:

Marc is the former Chair of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Ottawa and has extensive reaction engineering experience in polymerization and in biodiesel production and characterization. He is a recipient of a Premier’s Research Excellence Award (2001), a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada (FCIC), a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (FEIC) and has over 50 refereed publications and numerous conference presentations. Marc has been active in biodiesel research for over nine years.

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