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Board of Directors

Joe Irvine, Director TTBE, University of Ottawa:

Joe Irvine was appointed Director, Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise in May 2005. He has served in several capacities at the University of Ottawa (and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute) since 1989 when the research centre at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute opened. He held positions as Technology Transfer Officer for the Canadian Artificial Heart (EVAD) Program and Director, Business Development, responsible for intellectual property and contract and clinical research administration before being appointed Vice-President, Medical Affairs & Business Development at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and President, Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation. He played an important role in the creation of two UOHI spin-off companies that went public: WorldHeart Corporation and Liponex Inc. Before joining the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Mr. Irvine was the Business Development Officer at the University of Guelph and the Market Research Manager for Starnav Corporation. Mr. Irvine received a M.Sc. and B. Sc. (Hons) in molecular biology from Queen's University

and started doctoral research in medical genetics at the University of Toronto prior to receiving his M.B.A.

from the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Murray McLaughlin, President and CEO, Sustainable Chemistry Alliance:

Murray McLaughlin joined the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance in June 2009 as its founding President and CEO. He holds a B.Sc. From McGill University and an M.Sc. and Ph.D. Cornell University and has been very active in Canadian agriculture and bioindustry. He was President and CEO of Foragen for seven years, the only early seed stage venture fund focused on advanced agricultural technologies in Canada. He stepped down in July 2005 once the fund was fully invested. Dr. McLaughlin has held various positions in private industry, government and non-profit sectors including Adjunct Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, President of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, Deputy Minister of Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food, President of Ag-West Biotech Inc. where he helped build the Saskatoon cluster, and several assignments with ELANCO. He held the position of Director of Business Development for the Canadian Light Source (Synchrotron) in Saskatoon for three years prior to joining the SCA. Dr. McLaughlin manages McLaughlin Consultants Inc., a firm focused on providing sound advise to agriculture, food and life sciences. Dr. McLaughlin’s career has focused on agricultural science including research, development and product management and marketing. He is a member of numerous Boards of Directors and Advisory Committees, including Biotech Canada, BioAtlantech and Bioenterprise. He has been awarded the Canadian Agri-Marketer of the Year award from the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association, the Alumni of the Year from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and the National Merit Award from the Ottawa Life Sciences Council. He received a Honorary Doctorate from Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Agriculture College, May, 2006.

Ken Lawless, Chief Executive Officer:

Ken is a biochemist by training and brings over 22 years of senior management experience and entrepreneurial experience to the Company. For over 13 years he served as President of the Ottawa Life Sciences Council (OLSC), where he supported the development of the sector and the 150 life science companies in the Ottawa area. Before joining the OLSC he was a founder and General Manager of AminoTech a Ottawa-based Biotechnology Company. He has considerable experience in technology commercialization and has sat on numerous boards and national initiatives in support of the biotechnology industry in Canada. Ken is responsible for setting BDR’s corporate strategy and direction and the execution of the Company’s plan.

Marc Dubé, Founder:

Marc is the former Chair of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Ottawa and has extensive reaction engineering experience in polymerization and in biodiesel production and characterization. He is a recipient of a Premier’s Research Excellence Award (2001), a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada (FCIC), a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (FEIC) and has over 50 refereed publications and numerous conference presentations. Marc has been active in biodiesel research for over nine years. He represents the two founding scientists.

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