Innovative Process Solutions for the Biodiesel Industry  


Fast Facts

Our Partners

Sustainable Development Technologies Canada

Ontario Innovation Demonstration Fund

Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

University of Ottawa

Our Technology

Membrane Reactor

 Our Timeline

2007: BDR Founded

2008: SDTC Funding

2009: Ontario IDF Funding

2010: $600K Seed Round

2011: Preliminary Engineering Completed          for Demonstration Plant

2012: Chinese Patent Issues

2013: US Patent Issues


Business Strategy
BDR’s business is focused on the development of our membrane reactor technology platform and its application in the production of esters in the biofuels (biodiesel), consumer products and nutraceuticals industries.
BDR’s strategy is to accelerate the development (and demonstration) of our patented technology with the participation of lead customers, strategic and market channel partners through:    

Provision of innovative process knowledge and engineering services

Sale of membrane reactors and sublicensing of technologies to customers directly and via select market channel partners

Joint venture arrangements with biofuel, consumer product and nutraceuticals companies to generate significant quality and process improvements, enhanced market differentiation and penetration and increased Return on Investment (ROI).
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